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MATH+ Advent Calendar

The MATH+ Advent Calendar invites you to discover the beauty and power of Math beyond the subjects covered in school.

The calendar offers fascinating insights into recent application-oriented mathematical research and into the everyday professional life of mathematicians. The 24 challenging puzzles are aimed at curious high school students, university students, teachers, and everyone interested. The registration for the calender 2023 will be possible from the 1.11 Below you can find the challenges from the last year

The Berlin Mathematics Research Center MATH+

MATH+ is a cross-institutional and interdisciplinary Cluster of Excellence based in Berlin. It sets out to explore and further develop new approaches in application-oriented mathematics. Emphasis is placed on mathematical principles for using ever larger amounts of data in life and material sciences, in energy and network research, and in the humanities and social sciences.

MATH+ is funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) for a first period of seven years since January 2019. It is a joint project of the three major universities in Berlin—Freie Universität Berlin, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, and Technische Universität Berlin—as well as the Weierstrass Institute for Applied Analysis and Stochastics (WIAS) and the Zuse Institute Berlin (ZIB). MATH+ continues the success stories of the renowned Research Center Matheon and the Graduate School Berlin Mathematical School (BMS).


Solution Book

The solutions to the tasks can be found in the booklet MK-2023-Loesungen-en-2901 We hope that you enjoy the booklet and the solutions. If you find any small typos, we would greatly appreciate a small contribution in the forum.


There will soon be certificates for all participants in the Advent calendar. These can then be downloaded.


You can find the winners of the MATH+ Adventcalender here: MK-2023-Gewinnerinnen (in German)

Update: Award Cermony of The Math Advent Calendars

A live stream of the award ceremony on the 26.1 will take place! In addition to the in-person event, the award ceremony for the Math Calendars by MATH+ and Mathe im Advent will be broadcast live on the MATH+ YouTube channel. All winners and participants of the MATH+ Advent Calendar are warmly invited to attendRead More »Update: Award Cermony of The Math Advent Calendars

Award Ceremony of The Math Advent Calendars

Die Preisverleihung vom „MATH+ Adventskalender“ und dem „Mathe im Advent“ Adventskalenderfindet am 26. Januar 2024 im Max-Kade-Auditorium der Freie Universität Berlin statt. Es werden Preise an Klassen, Schulen und Einzelspieler*innen überreicht. Ein Mathe-Basar, Musik und Mathe-Show machen die Preisverleihung zu einem unvergleichlichen Erlebnis!

Die Preisverleihung ist von 15:00 bis 17:00 Uhr. Einlass ist ab 13:30 Uhr.

Best Challenge 2023

How did you like the challenges this year? Please vote for your favourite challenge!

Extra Challenge

Starting from December 20th, we will release a bonus task. Among the correct answers, we will raffle a book about geometry.

Ready, Set, Go!

Yippie! We are finally starting into a new season of the MATH+ Advent Calendar. As of today, we will publish a new challenge daily at 4 pm (CET).

MATH+ Advent Calendar 2023 Starts in 1 Week

In one week, the MATH+ Advent Calendar opens its first window. Invite your friends, parents, siblings, and teachers to join the game!

Start of Registration on 1 November

Since the first of November, you can register for the MATH+ Advent Calendar 2023. As always, the calendar opens its first window on 01 Dezember at 4pm.

Solutions, Statistics, and Winners 2022

You can now view the extended solutions, the statistics, and the list of winners of the MATH+ Advent Calendar 2022. We apologize again for the long delay and thank you for your patience!