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Class Contest

© Frauke Jansen

As teacher (for more information regarding status groups, see the rules section of the MATH+ Advent Calendar), you may participate with your class or course in the class contest. After successfully registering as a “teacher” and completing the mandatory information in the entry form, you are able to add your class(es) or course(s). For each class/course, you will receive a class contest code, with which your students can enroll in this particular class/course. To be able to enroll in a class/course, the students need to register as a “student” and complete the mandatory entries in the information form.

Each class consisting of at least five properly registered students takes part in the class contest. The number of points appointed to each class is the arithmetic mean of the points aquired by the students in the class. In case of a draw of points, the class with the higher number of participants will be ranked higher. In case of a draw of points and number of participants, lots will be drawn.

With your/their individually acquired points, you and your students will also take part in the individual contest. However, only your students points count for the class contest.