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Problems, Questions, and Concerns

If you have any questions concerning the MATH+ Advent Calendar, see the FAQ and the rules section of this website.

Furthermore, consult the discussion board for any problems, questions, and concerns. In December, the discussion board is supervised on a regular basis by the MATH+ Advent Calendar team. You are also able to contact the team of the MATH+ Advent Calendar by writing an email.

Participants of MATHE IM ADVENT, please contact!

The MATH+ Advent Calendar Team

Management & Organisation
Project Management:

Ariane Beier

Photo of Ariane Beier
Press & Public Relations:

Beate Rogler

Photo of Beate Rogler

Philipp Gland

Photo of Philip Gland
Dutch Team:

Hennie ter Morsche
Gerhard Woeginger

Logo of 4TU.AMI
Student Assistents

Vanessa Brandes, Xueyi Guo, Jonas Lorenz, Antonia Hildebrandt, Gregor Schüler


Ariane Beier, Falk Ebert, Luise Fehlinger, Christian Hercher, Niels Lindner, Jonas Lorenz, Florian Matthies, TBC

Calendar Artwork

Friederike Hofmann, Frauke Jansen, Julia Nurit Schönnagel