Weihnachtsmann rot

Challenge from 4. December

Sledge Test

Author: Hennie ter Morsche


If you cross the Antarctic track from East to West, you will pass the six milestones A, B, C, D, E, and F(in this order). The distance from milestone A to C is 116 miles; the distance from D to E is 126 miles, and the distance from E to F is 53 miles.

Today Santa’s little helpers Yoda and Zeno have been testing their new sledges on the track. Both sledges were running the full distance at constant speed, and Yoda’s sledge was slower than Zeno’s sledge.

  • Yoda traversed the track once from A to F.
  • Zeno first drove from F to A; then he returned from A to F (without losing any time while turning the sledge at A).
  • Yoda started in A at exactly the same time as Zeno started in F.
  • When Yoda reached B, Zeno reached E on his way from F to A.
  • Yoda and Zeno met each other at C.
  • When Zeno was driving back from A to F, he overtook Yoda at milestone D.

What is the distance between the two milestones B and E?

Artwork: Friederike Hofmann

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Possible answers:

  1. Roughly 351 miles.

  2. Roughly 352 miles.

  3. Roughly 353 miles.

  4. Roughly 354 miles.

  5. Roughly 355 miles.

  6. Roughly 356 miles.

  7. Roughly 357 miles.

  8. Roughly 358 miles.

  9. Roughly 359 miles.

  10. Roughly 360 miles.

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