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The Matheon-Kalender 2018 is now closed and starts in december 2019 again with difficult challenges. More information about the events of Matheon are available at www.matheon.de.

The MATHEON advent calendar offers fascinating insights into recent application oriented mathematical research and into the everyday professional life of mathematicians. The 24 challenging puzzles are aimed at sharp high school students, university students, teachers, and everyone interested.

The MATHEON advent calendar invites you to discover the beauty and power of math beyond the subjects covered in school.


Merry Christmas! - 24.12.18

Dear MATHEON calendar fans!

We wish you a very merry Christmas, a wonderful time with your family and friends, and a generous Santa!

Your MATHEON calendar team

PS: For the 24th challenge you will have an additional time of 72h. So enjoy some quiet holidays!

PPS: All of the 24 challenges may be solved until Dec. 31st, 2018.

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St. Nicholas Day - 06.12.18

Dear MATHEON advent calendar fans!

Today's puzzle ist special because of three reasons:

First, we have a special tombola for all participants who solve today's puzzle. You can win five subscriptions for Die Wurzel (in German only).

Secondly, the author of today's nicholicious puzzle is Anna Maria Hartkopf of the Citizen Art Project Polytopia, where you can adopt your very own polyhedron.

Thirdly, today's puzzle is joint work with the advent calendar Mathe im Advent (puzzles in German only) for students in grades 4-6 and 6-9, respectively.

Have fun and good luck!
Your MATHEON advent calendar team :)

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MATHEON advent calendar 2018 - 01.12.18

Dear MATHEON advent calendar fans!

The first windw of this year's MATHEON advent calender opens today. We are very much looking forward to the next 24 days and that you will have fun with our daily puzzles.

The essentials of the advent calendar in brief:

  1. Please, sign up here! The registration is free of charge for both, individual participants and classes.
  2. The windows of the advents calendar open daily at 4pm (CET). The puzzles will be released in German and English.
  3. In the Forum (our discussion board), you can ask questions concerning the puzzles and give us feedback. The Forum will be supervised during the following hours:
    • Mon-Fri: 4-8pm,
    • Sat-Sun: 4-7pm.
  4. The rules of the game can be found here.
  5. If you are lucky, you can win many great prizes. (This list will be updated permanently.)

Have fun & good luck!
Your MATHEON advent calendar team :)

Participation as a class - 22.11.18

Dear MATHEON-Kalender fans!

For the first time this year, you can also participate in the MATHEON advent calendar as a class. Please check the section Rules of the Game to find out how to register as a class!

Your MATHEON-Kalender team :)

Register now! - 31.10.18

Dear MATHEON-Kalender fans!

The MATHEON-Kalender team is very busy preparing this year's Advent calendar for you. We have already received lots of great puzzles from the scientists of the Research Center MATHEON, our Dutch collegues and numerous volunteers. We very much hope that you will enjoy them!

From now on, you can register here for the MATHEON-Adventskalender 2018. From December 1 to 24, there will be one tricky puzzle daily, which may be solve until December 31. Of course, there will be many great prizes to win!

Your MATHEON-Kalender team :)

Anja Karliczek BMBF


Der MATHEON advent calendar takes place under the patronage of the German Federal Minister of Education and Research, Ms Anja Karliczek.