Weihnachtsmann rot


The Matheon-Kalender 2015 is now closed and starts in december 2016 again with difficult challenges. More information about the events of Matheon are avaible at www.matheon.de.


Your challenge!

Just as last year, we are looking for YOUR challenges!

There ist still some time until the next Matheon-Kalender starts. And to keep you from getting bored, we are asking you to make up a challenge for the upcoming Kalender. Just let your imagination play and show us your ideas for a great mathematical problem (including solutions). Send it to team@mathekalender.de until July 15, 2016. We are looking forward to your inspiring challenges.  

And maybe soon YOUR challenge will be part of Matheon-Kalender!

Matheon-Kalender will be back in 2016

The Research Center Matheon challenges you again this year with the Matheon-Kalender!

With fun and a little luck you can win one of our numerous prices!

Just register in November, puzzle in December and win in January!


What is the Matheon-Kalender?

The Matheon-Kalender is a free online competition.

Altogether 24 challenges, one appearing daily from the 1st to the 24th of December. Every challenge can be solved until December 31st. High school students, college students, teachers and any other interested people are invited to enter the contest.

The challenges have a festive character and are written by the mathematicians from Matheon and 3TU.AMI, illustrating applications from their research projects.

And you can win some great prizes, which we raffle among the participants. With a little luck - independent of the number of your right answers - you can win something. Only our first prizes are raffled among those with the highest number of daily-given correct answers. 

After a short and easy registration with your email address you can start to puzzle over the challenges. More details can be found at the rules of the game. The registration starts at November 1, 2016.


Enjoy and good luck! Your Matheon-Kalender Team 



We are always very grateful if you could support our Kalender by donating prizes for our participants. Please contact us: spenderbetreuung@mathekalender.de

Waiting for the Matheon-Kalender 2016

Dear Matheon-Kalender-Fans,

thank you for the participation at Matheon-Kalender.

We try to improve the english version for next year and hope, that we see you all again next time!

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See you next time,

your Matheon-Kalender-Team