Weihnachtsmann rot


The Matheon-Kalender 2015 is now closed and starts in december 2016 again with difficult challenges. More information about the events of Matheon are avaible at www.matheon.de.


Waiting for the Matheon-Kalender 2016

Dear Matheon-Kalender-Fans,

thank you for the participation at Matheon-Kalender.

We try to improve the english version for next year and hope, that we see you all again next time!

If you do not want to miss any news, just follow us on facebook.

See you next time,

your Matheon-Kalender-Team

Winners and Solutions

Dear Matheon-Kalender Fans,

the winner list is online.

Next year we will work on a booklet for the solutions like in the german version. If you have problems with one or another challenge, we recommend the online-forum. 


Thank you for participating the Matheon-Kalender. It was our first time in english. We hope to see you next year again!


Your Matheon-Kalender-Team

Evaluation and prizes - 04.01.16

Dear Matheon-Kalender participants,

we are asking you for some patience, the evaluation will be done as soon as possible.

We will publish the whe winners on January, 15th. If you are interessted in the solutions, there are discussions about them in our forum.

Thank you very much for participating and until next year, 

your Matheon-Kalender team

The challenge is running!

The windows of the Matheon Advent calendar are open until December 31st

Did you get boring presents for Christmas? Have you been left unchallenged during the run-up to Christmas?

Come and solve the fascinating math puzzles of the Matheon Advent calendar and improve your Christmas haul by winning one of our great prizes. All 24 windows of the calendar are open until the 31st of December. You may register and solve anytime for free.

The puzzles are available in English, as well as in German and Dutch. Enjoy your holidays with some math.

first special raffle - 06.12.15

Each December 6th, children in Germany celebrate Nikolaus. That's why we offer a special raffle today: just answer till 24 o'clock to participate and win something small extra ;)